To a pretty groovy lady...

 27 years ago a pretty groovy lady brought me into the world, (with a little help from an equally groovy dude,) a month late with the help of a little alligator tail and red wine... (A girl likes to make her entrance.)  Since then she's taught me how to read, to tie my shoes, how to have really big hair... you know the important stuff. Thank you Mama for being my friend, my confidant, my favorite lady to laugh till we cry in the dressing room of department stores with.  (Chauncy and Ester are funny, it's undeniable.)  I'm super sad I can't spend Mothers Day with you today, but celebrate in a big way, (like forcing Jonah and dad to go to an all day craft festival with you.....)  Love you SOOO much! (Also, if the dates on these photos aren't indication enough, we need to take photos together ASAP. )

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  1. Awwe. So cute. I hope you get to take pictures with your momma soon! I know I'm looking forward to that when I go to see mine this summer.