Pin-Up Tattoos

I've always admired the women who can completely rock the whole sexpot pin-up looks every day, (and totally want to become one someday...) but when someone mentions getting a pin-up tattoo, one often immediately thinks of the blurry blue half naked girl that your Great Uncle Milton has as a souvenir from his time spent in the Navy. However,as tattoos have become increasingly popular (and tattoo technology has only gotten better,) I've grown to really love the modern interpretation of old classics.  Now i must say, I've never been much of a fan of the whole naked girl tattoos, (I mean really, the only nipples on my body will be my own, and who wants to see that on Grandpa?) but lately, I've been finding some pretty lovely AND classy interpretations of these old classics.  From images of Betty Grable, Vargas girls, and Bettie Page, to more contemporary images from Olivia de Berardinis and others, I just can't get enough of these pretty tattoos.  
Image Credits
1. Amy Winehouse
2. Betty Page: Check Out My Ink
3.Camera Girl: Keh Camera Blog
4. Camera Girl 2: Life As Art Photography
5. Cupcake Elvgren Girl: F Yeah Tattoos
6. Blowdry: F Yeah Tattoos


  1. Awesome. Pin-up tattoos are the best (when done well) great post!

  2. I loved Amy and have often thought of getting a pin-up tattoo of her. I just need to find a good artist because I don't want it turning out like that "Great Uncle Milton" type haha.

  3. I love pin up tattoos, so sexy yet feminine :) x

  4. I have a weird obsession with pin ups. So gorgeous and feminine! Vargas girls are my all time favorites.

  5. Abby, I had the same thought not too long ago, a pin-up Amy tattoo is on my (long) list. Kait, I'm totally obsessed with Vargas girls too, I recently saw a pretty interesting documentary on them, I'll try and find the name for you.

  6. I've always kind of wanted a pin-up tattoo. I think it stems more from a childhood love of the mermaid tattoo on Pete & Pete, but either way. The tattoos are still pretty bitchin'.

    On a side note, my sister recently got a small tattoo on her shoulder blade and a girl she worked with told her that she was stupid and said "You wouldn't put a bumper sticker on a Bentley, would you?"

    I told her she should've said "No I wouldn't put on a bumper sticker, but I would give it a sweet custom paint job, lady."