Peter Aurisch Tattoos

I've seen a lot of tattoos in my searching, but I've never seen anything like those of Peter Aurisch, owner of Nevada Johnny in Berlin, Germany.  I am in complete awe of his tattooing style, using geometric lines, splashes of color, and life abstractions to create something completely unique and beautiful.  You can bet that if I ever get to Berlin, I'm gonna do my darnedest to get in and see this gentleman!  Take a look at some of this beautiful ink...

1. Double Raven Tattoo: This is Colossal
2. Head and Heart Tattoo: Visual News
3. Fox Tattoo: Flickr
4. Grizzly Tattoo: This is Colossal
5. Zebra Tattoo: Mundo Flaneur
6. Windmill Tattoo: Sign Magazine
7. Flamingo Tattoo: Sign Magazine
8. Little Red Tattoo: Sign Magazine


  1. These are so different and amazing!
    I wish I could get one!

  2. Holy whoa. Those are all fantastic. It's like a legit work of art.