Learning to be domestic...

I'm gonna brag a little today... I totally baked a pie.  I AM OFFICIALLY A WOMAN!  

Let me back up... you know my wonderful little chef Miss Emilie over at Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & Thyme?  Well, she totally almost chopped off her finger last weekend, Kill Bill style.  (Warning: apparently Mandolin slicers should be handled with care.)  Well, after wrapping up her stub, FINISHING DINNER for the men in her house, and then almost passing out, we figured that it was possibly not a wise move for her to be playing with flour and salt, (ouch!) for a while until she had healed. As Emilie could no more stop cooking than stop breathing,guess who stepped in to get all sous chef under Emilie's tutelage....that's right THIS GIRL.  (I should let you all know that while I make a killer spaghetti & meat sauce and tacos, my culinary talents are pretty limited, so this is a pretty major accomplishment.)  You can read all about it, (and get the amazing recipe...it's mouthwatering,) over at Emilie's blog, and while you're there, look at all of her other absolutely scrumptious food.  She is pretty much the reason that I eat anything beyond the aforementioned spaghetti and tacos.  You won't regret it. 

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  1. HEY! We have the same skill set in cooking. Spaghetti and tacos. <3