DIY wrap bracelets

Lately, I've been completely smitten with the multiple bracelet trend that has popped up here and there, but being the tightwad I am, I simply cannot allow myself to spend the often ridiculous amounts of money that said bracelets cost in my favorite shops.  Knowing that my favorite phrase of late is, I can TOTALLY make that myself, I decided to try my hand at a couple of simple wrap bracelets to start off my summer collection of wrist candy.  I liked the idea of a simple braid base with a few snazzy extras and ended up with two variations of the same bracelet.  I won't even lie how easy these bad boys were!  Here's what you need...

Bracelet #1
*fabric strips (I always have a lot of scrap fabric lying around from various projects so this was a great use of that scrap pile.)
* beads (I loved the organic look of these wooden beads, but you could use anything, just get creative!)
* blunt ended needle (to pull fabric through those tiny holes in the beads!)

1) when cutting your fabric strips, I tried to roughly measure the length of fabric I needed by wrapping some fabric around my wrist twice. (Real exact I know.)  Make sure to allow for a tiny bit of shortening when you braid it.)  Make 1 strip an inch or two longer than necessary in order to create a slip-know closure.

2) Lots of people like to tape down their scraps to braid, but I'm real classy, so I tend to just put it in my mouth and hold it my teeth. 

3) Start braiding!  I strung beads throughout the braid every inch or two evenly throughout the bracelet.

4)  At the end of the braid you're going to make a simple knot. To create the slip knot simply don't pull the longer strip all the way through so that it creates a loop.  For the opposite end, you'll need to string one more bead, (one that fits through the slip-knot you've just created,) knotting it securely. 

5)   Cut off excess fabric at the ends and trim off any overly ridiculous loose threads.  (it's supposed to be a little frayed looking ,but you can cut off the extra.)

Bracelet #2
* Suede cording
* Thin necklace chain
* jewelry clasps
* wire cutter (I used the wire cutting part of a pair of pliers) for cutting the chain.
*needle and thread in similar colors

1)  You're going to start this bracelet pretty much the same way you did on the bracelet about, instead with the chain and suede.  

2) The real difference in this bracelet was the connecting ends.  Using your needle and thread sew together both ends of the bracelet.  Your jewelry clasps should have small spaces to slip onto the chain then simply clamp together with your trusty pliers.  (You can also just sew the clasps on, whatever floats your boat!)

3) Boom! Instant coolness for your wrists.


  1. Looks ahmmaazing. I want my suede bracelet. NOW.

  2. I want some pretty pretty bracelets. :]
    if only I had some extra fabric laying around. I think my grandma threw away my pajama pant fabric (turned them into shorts because of rips and stuff. RECYCLE!)

  3. hah i put it between my toes... keep it classy crafty. thanks for this idea! they turned out super cute :)

  4. This looks great! How did you get your fabric strips with the first bracelets to come out so clean looking?

    1. Thanks Amber! Basically I just ripped the fabric into strips and then trimmed the bracelet with embroidery scissors just a bit after braiding. Thanks for reading!

  5. What a cute project! I love it so much that I decided to feature it in our roundup of scrap fabric crafts! Check it out here:

    Have a great day!

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