Reading: Insurgent by Veronica Roth.  This is book #2 of the Divergent series, (of which I reviewed Book #1 here...)  Like the first book, I've had a really difficult time putting this bad boy down.  Won't lie, I'll be finishing it tonight :)
Watching: Literally anything and everything that is on HBO. I'm having a movie day. I've watched Paul, (so funny!) One Day, (I cried...but just a little,) Robin Hood, (Russell Crowe...meeeow,) and am now on to Harry Potter Deathly Hallows 1 & 2. (In which I will definitely sob like a child. Guaranteed.)  EPIC movie day!
Thinking About: Lots of blog stuff. I've had this vision for what I want my blog to be, to look like, etc, but I haven't exactly gotten there yet.  I've booked up this month with fun posts and ideas, so hopefully you all will ENJOY!  Also, am pondering changing up the design...again.  What are your thoughts?  

Anticipating: Summer arrival here in Boston!  It's been about 50 degrees and rainy here for about 2 weeks and I'm starting to really understand the whole seasonal affective disorder thing!  I am so looking forward to summer trips to the beach and picnics in the park! 
Loving: Digitally downloading books from the library through kindle for my iPad.  My only complain thus far is that all of my books have become available at the same time so I have 2 weeks to read about 5 books.  I know, hardship.  I'm excited to share so many book nook posts with you all!

Listening to: I've always been very obsessed with really old school Blues, and lately I've been doing a lot of research on kinda the history of blues from the beginning till modern day.  I'm loving the story behind Robert Johnson, and also am LOVING the new Jack White album. 
Radiolab: Crossroads (story of Robert Johnson) 

 Jack White's Love Interruption
Feeling Thankful for: My wonderful family, who I don't get to talk to enough, but when I do it makes my entire day and long phone dates with my best friends.  


  1. I really enjoy listening to Jack White's music (and The White Stripes)! What do you think about The Black Keys? or Stevie Ray Vaughn? Have a great Sunday,girl!

  2. The Black Keys are my favorite band & I was practically raised on Stevie Ray Vaughn, he's one of my dad's favorites. You have a great Sunday too!