What's Making Me Happy

Happy Friday/ WEEKEND everyone!  This weekend is for CD release parties for my favorite local folkers, girls nights and nineties dancing, and a Sunday Funday full of crafts and movies.  Couldn't be more perfect right?  Here's what I am LOVING this week....

*The return of Parks and Rec...

* This video about the "manic pixie dream girl" issue is too funny!

*I just love Rookie Mag, Tavi is pretty much the coolest.  (Note: I tried the beehive yesterday and it worked like a charm! I got so many compliments on my new retro do.

*These paper airplane earrings need to find themselves in my jewelry box...

*Lion-Kinging.  I totally have done this with Monty.

* This is the only wise thing to ever come from Betty Draper...


* This video inspires me SO MUCH.

* I'm magic. Let me prove it. Stare at the middle of this picture for 15 seconds.


* I'm a total playlist maker and lover for all things, and let me tell you, I can't stop listening to Lauren's 90's playlist on Spotify.  It is literally the greatest thing ever and brings back all of the memories of 6th grade dare dances. (Hello tootsie roll!)  I just did the Can't Touch This dance in my office and my boss saw me... Can't stop the groove.


  1. Lol... this a perfect mix of cuteeeeeee and awesome.
    My favourite type of mix!

  2. I loved everything in this post! You just made my day :) x

  3. oh man! Creeping your wmmh right now, and that lion-king-ing video is SO great!! haha Thanks for the laughs :)

  4. I agree with everything here except the last thing. I LOVE and prefer clean shaven MEN!