What's Making Me Happy

Another week past, and another weekend on the brink.  I'm pretty excited about it, we're going to see John Prine in Hartford and I plan on making all sorts of pretty stuff, what's not to love?!  Enjoy these pretty, funny, and inspiring pieces of the Internet and don't forget about the giveaway, if you win Elycia will do a self portrait of you! (They're the cutest.)  The giveaway ends Sunday at midnight!  Happy weekend!

*  I wish this was my front door.

* Yup. These exist.

*Truer words were never spoken/
*This is beautiful.  Cut flower fields.

 *Oh golly I love Ron Swanson.

* Sharks are the best.  Classy sharks are even better.

* I'm loving these Star Wars behind the scenes photos! 

*This website dedicated to our amazing earth and weather patterns has so many beautiful pictures.

*This commercial made me smile so much.  Puppies are the best!

* This girl wants to marry Hans Solo.  Get in line sister.

*Aughhh this brought me back!  201 reason why being a 90's girl rocks.

*This is going to make you smile.  No hints. Just click.

* McSweeny's always makes me laugh.  This article made me laugh.  So did this one

*This site is pretty funny.  It creates mashups of new tweets based on your previous feed.  My favorites from my twitter were... "Yoga shoes..." & "High five hands!"

*I'm a little obsessed with this fabric store.  I want to buy it all and make things immediately!

* This post about "busty girl" problems is SO true!