What's Making Me Happy

Happy Friday Friday Friday everyone!!  I'm just packing up my things for a quick trip to NYC to see Mr. B, which essentially consists of my attempting to fit 10 outfits for 3 days into a duffel bag... but what if there's a 70's disco party and I didn't bring this dress??? probably goes through my head every time I pack.  I'm a crazy person.

While I'm packing, take a look at some of these wonderful things that are making me very happy this week!

* I've been looking for a pretty vintage typewriter for the longest time now but they're all just so expensive. Sadness. I'm really loving this one though...
Image via: lovevintagefinds
*I'm kinda obsessed with this wall mural from Anthropologie.
Image via: Anthropologie
* I love these custom portrait stamps on Etsy.  What a great way to sign your mail!
Image via: lilmandrill
*I must have these...
Image via: Urban Outfitters

*These terrarium cards are SO pretty.  I want to frame them.
Image via: Quill & Fox

*This made me laugh so much.

*Julie's post about leaving you comfort zone was such a great read.

**Do you love typeography as much as I do?  Then you should definitely take some fonts on a date...

** Have you been to the letters of note website before? It's basically a collection of correspondence from fascinating people, celebrities, politicians, fans, anyone.  This letter from Ansel Adams made me almost cry.  This one from Ronald Dahl was LOVELY as well.

**So I won't lie, I kinda have a thing with heights.  Not a fan. (It probably comes from being so close to the ground to begin with, I'm only 5'2 on a good day.)  Even though these photos terrify me, I am pretty amazed by photographer Dennis Maitland's guts to do it.

** I'm pretty much loving Texts from Hillary, (hey, Hillary is my homegirl,) and I'm especially loving that she has such a wonderful sense of humor about it.

** Just one more.  I literally think Monty does the same thing.

** If you love Mean Girls and the Hunger Games then this is for you. (And we should probably be best friends.)


  1. bahah! I'm the same way when I pack, I bring like 15 pairs of shoes for a weekend trip. To the mountains. Why do I need heels? Because! Just Because!
    new follower! Came over from Cheeky Cheeky! :)

  2. Great set of finds! I picked up one of those terrarium postcards about two months ago (the one on the top right) - it is even cuter in person! I pinned it up on my bulletin 'inspiration' board :)

  3. I know, right?! Typewriters are so expensive! I found an AMAZING one at a thrift shop for $50 and I wanted it sooo badly... but I just couldn't justify a whole $50 when I have bills to pay. I tend to think of stuff in terms of like... "Okay, this one thing is $50... that could be a student loan payment, or get me like, 56 candy bars, a weeks worth of groceries, 3 new dresses and a pair of earrings..."

    Just couldn't do it. But every single time I see a picture of a typewriter, I am filled with regret.