Whats Makin Me Happy

Wowzer people, this week has been just full of exciting stuff! My beloved Cardinals won their first game, (Albert Who?), Game of Thrones is back and already SO good, and inspiration has struck my brain for some really exciting crafting... really so much goodness for one week.  I'm looking forward to a wonderful weekend full of antiquing with one of my favorite men, Derek, shopping with Emilie and her momma, hanging out with friends and out of town guests, crafts, and so much more!  In the meantime, check out just a few of these things that are making me so happy this week!

*These Hunger Games printables from Sass & Peril are too cute!
Image via: Sass & Peril
*Carmen linked to this video yesterday and it made me laugh so hard.  I have a couple of guilty pleasures that I totally jam out to as well...

*The Easter Bunny brought me a little gift from this amazing vintage store on Etsy.  (Photos soon!)  I'm equally smitten with so many other frocks, like this one.  It looks like it came right out of Mad Men!
Image via: The Paraders
 *Amanda Visell creates such beautiful and whimsical pieces with a tinge of humor.  I love this smokey the bear, he's so ferocious!

Image via: Amanda Visell
 *This just made me smile so much...

*It's apparently a week for pretty art... I'm smitten with these pretty pictures from Kelli Murray!
Image via: KelliMurrayArt
*Who ISN'T excited about the new Anchorman 2 announcement?

*This is for me.
Image via: well uh toni
* So I have seen this link on everyone's blogs, but I couldn't stop laughing.  I think I even snorted. 

*I'm loving How to Write the Great American Novel.

*So some of these are a little ridiculous, but there are some AMAZING nails here.  My favorites are the Nirvana Nevermind and David Bowie nails!

*The New Yorker did a fashion round up of some of the wonderful mod styles from the new season of Mad Men.  I'm LOVING the late 60's!

*Meredith may be the sweetest girl ever, and I just loved this post she wrote this week about blogging for confidence.  (She took herself on a movie date, I miss doing this!)

*I have a total blog crush on Elyica's blog, and I was ecstatic to see that she is commissioning portraits again!  This girl is definitely getting one!

*Speaking of Blog Crushes, I'm sponsoring Carmen & Kaelah's blogs this month!  They are literally two of my FAVORITE blogs to read and they are the sweetest, funniest, girls around.  Check them out!

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