Total Blog Crush and a dose of adorableness

So I have a little blog crush, and let me tell you... it's kind of a big deal.  Most of you have seen Ms. Elycia's adorable blog, Love, Elycia before now, but I need to say, if you haven't.... go and check out her blog. Right now. I'll wait.

Am I right or what??  She's the cat's meow. 

I've been smitten with her quirky style, vintage and color love, ever changing AMAZING hair colors, and general awesomeness for quite some time now, so naturally I jumped at the opportunity to have her do a portrait of the little Monster and I when she announced that she was doing commissions.  I frantically emailed her to get on the list and let me tell you, she's pretty much the sweetest person ever.  I just received the print from her today and OMG it's adorable.  I literally can't stop smiling when I see it & can't wait to hang it on my wall! Check it out...

Cutest thing ever right?  If that's not enough, Elycia is pretty much the sweetest girl around & I'm so excited to have made a new blog friend!  (This is why I love blogging, the community is the best.)  Anyhoo, head over to her blog to see some of her other drawings here and here and here. She's just so talented! 

***Stay tuned for a super exciting announcement regarding Ms. Elycia next week. (I'm so excited I could burst :)  Happy Hump Day everyone!
xoxo Fearsy


  1. Oh Ash it turned out GREAT! I love it!

  2. I hadn't seen her blog before but I'm totally following her now. I love it! That portrait is so cute!


  3. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.