Tattoosday: Up in the air...


1. Hot Air Balloon image via I Mean Honeybee
2. Paper airplane image via Oh Mishka
3. Wire Bird image via f yeah tattoos
4. Hot Air Balloon image via Mommy Loves Tattoos
5. Fighter plane image via girl jo
6. Plane image via Tattoos in Flight


  1. omg I am loving this weeks post! I love ALL of those tattoos!

  2. ooooh! I really like the way you did your pictures on this post with the captions as a part of the picture. Very nice. :]

  3. These are fun. I think the first hot air balloon is my favorite! I just love the style of it.

  4. I'm in love with the hot air balloon tattoos! I've always considered getting one myself!
    You've got a great blog, by the way. The header is so awesome :D

    xo, Samantha