Tattoosday: Oh deer

 Did you know that you can have a baby fawn for a PET???  Because Audrey Hepburn had one named Pippen.  Yes REALLY!  If you didn't love her before, (and really if you didn't we might not be able to be friends...okay maybe.  But you're on thin ice) then you definitely should now. 

I've always been kind of obsessed with woodland creatures, (probably due to the combination of mountain men hunters in my family and growing up in the sticks...) but it had never occurred to me that people would keep these precious animals as pets all Snow White style.  (And to be fair, it's probably a bad idea, wild animals deserve to be in the wild, plus Monty would be insanely jealous.)  Naturally after seeing these ahhhhdorable photos I was a) inspired to look up every possibility of my own baby deer, I was right, it's a bad idea... and b) subsequently googled every pretty deer tattoo I could find.  I've been really lusting after a hammerhead shark on my foot ever since I saw Lauren's new tattoo, but I could also see a pretty deer in my future soon!!!  (At this rate I'm going to be out of skin soon... oops.)  Anyhoo, here are just a few of the oh-so-pretty deer tattoos that are currently melting my heart.

Image via: Fawn Boutique
*I can't get over how beautiful these two tattoos are! 
Image via

*I first saw Tacha's tattoos on Danielle's blog and was immediately smitten with her papa deer and mama owl shins.  They look straight out of a storybook!
Image via: Sometimes Sweet & Decorated Skin

*  I've always been a little obsessed with cameos, (have you seen my hipster cameo collection??) and I'm loving this doe-eyed deer.  It looks like something totally out of the Victorian era, but with a pretty deer instead!
Image via: Fyeahtattoos
*I first saw one of London tattoo artist Liam Sparks' tattoos on Pinterest and was directed to his flickr photostream, now I can totally say that I'm in awe of his talent.  His predominant style is very old school black and white that almost looks straight out of old medical textbooks... and I love it.
Image via: Iyam Flickr

* I like to think that if you combined Mr. Darcy, (my faaaavorite Jane Austen man,) and a deer you would get this tattoo.  He's just so dapper.
Image via: len levin flickr
*** On another note, I'd really like to start featuring friends with tattoos and artists work, but I need YOU guys to tell me what you want to see!  Do you have a favorite artist or tattoo style that you'd like me to furiously seek out?  Let me know!!


  1. I love mama owl and papa deer!! Thanks for another happy Tattoosday, Ash!

  2. I can't stop planning more tatts! Well you already know the kind of tattoos I like and my favorite tattoo artist, good job with the posts! and i say YES to your Hammerhead tatt :)

  3. I love deer tattoos. They make me happy. And I'm friends with the girl in the check dress with the beautiful woman/deer and man/deer tattoo. She's a lovely wonderful person in real life too!

  4. Oh my gosh really?!? Let her know I'm completely in love with her tats!!