Tattoosday: Camera Tattoos

It's getting warmer outside and you know what that means...pretty sundresses and visible tattoos! (These are a few of my faaaaavorite things...)  While visiting Andrew in NYC this weekend I saw some of the most awesome tattoos on people while laying around in the park.  (Isn't people watching the best?!?)  One guy's tattoo in particular caught my fancy, it was a wonderful black and grey vintage camera.  (I collect vintage cameras, so I was especially smitten.)  Without wanting to be a total creeper and ask for a photo, I quickly came home and set out to find some super pretty camera tattoos to share with you all.  Enjoy!

*The shading and detail of this tattoo make me so happy.  (And I totally wish I owned this camera...)
Image via: Jeff Oliver
* Vintage cameras are so pretty, and this girl seems so happy!
Image via: Delight
* I'm literally lusting after the IRL cameras as much as the tattoos! 
Image via: Drops of Jupiter
*Sometimes a simple line drawing is just so sweet.
Image via: Victoria Lubach
* You don't see many camera tattoos in color, which makes this one even more special.
Image via: Viva la Vida
*Y'all know I've linked before to Elsie's AMAZING land camera tattoo, but this one is so pretty too!  Land Cams are the best...
Image via: Jessie Barber
* I love diagrams of all sorts, especially in tattoos.
Image via: Sylvia LS
*The even have temporary tattoos!  This one is pretty cute :)
Image via: goobox

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