Tattoosday: Cameos

For the longest time, I've been a huge fan of vintage cameos in jewelry and art, (they even have inspired my hipster cameo paintings!)  Lately I've been so smitten with beautiful cameo tattoos that ladies, (and even gents,) have been sporting, so I figured that I'd share this weekly dose of pretty tattoos!

*This is a much more modern sketch than the traditional cameo, which I think is so fitting for a man.  It's really great and so mod!  (But does it say Boom on bottom?  I'll pass on that :)
Via: Tattoo Guy
* A lot of the time around the ankle tattoos don't seem to work, but I can't get enough of this one.  I love the pinup portrait, (I'm really obsessed with pinup girls, there will probably be a post in this little blog's future!)
Image via: Siren Song

*  I stumbled upon the blog th'ink and am totally obsessed with it now!  I love Alice's story of how she came to the tattoo and all of the process pictures. And the tattoo (by Andrea Furci,) is so lovely!
Image via: th'ink

*  Everything about this photo is so wonderful!  I'd always been a little wary about chest tattoos, but the more I see the more I really like them!  I love that this one looks like a huge necklace. 
Image via: Dolly Macabre
*  This cameo seemed like such a pretty take on the skeleton girl cameo that's been all over the place.  I think it's SO beautiful.  I want it on me right now :)
Image via: sunnybuick
*  Cameos aren't just for people!  This bunny sorta looks like Queen Victoria...
Image via: Gene Coffey
*  The squirrel and pigeon totally crack me up and the tattoo is soooo pretty. 
Image via: Whisper the dark
 * Lastly, I couldn't get enough of this beautiful tattoo and the amazing shading and detail.  Gah, I'm already ready for a new one! 
Image via: Emily Rose
xoxo Fearsy


  1. omg I LOVE that skeleton girl cameo! And the animal ones are soooo cute! Maybe my next tatt will be a cameo ;)

  2. I really like the foot tattoo. It's a nice change from the beaded rosary everyone seems to have.


  3. OK last comment of the day, I swear! I just looked through all of your Tattoo posts, and I thought of a gal you should meet! Indie Jane, ever heard of her? She's got the prettiest "tea party" half sleeve. Heres the link to her tattoo story:
    OK BYE!