Paddle Faster, I hear banjo music!

Do you have a song or type of music that just reminds you of home? For me, it's country & bluegrass music that immediately takes me back to bonfires, float trips, and riding in the bed of a truck down old dirt roads.  There's just nothing like riding with the windows down on a summer day singing old country music at the top of your lungs. This time of year always makes me really wistful for home and my family, and suddenly I find myself listening to banjo music like crazy, so I figured that I'd share some of my favorites with you!  There's a little bit of traditional bluegrass, more modern, and even some of my favorites from back home.  (We used to camp out on Big Rock in high school and that song never fails to bring me right back to that time.)  I hope you enjoy this little piece of home from me to you!   

What kinds of music reminds you of home? 
 xoxo Fearsy


  1. Maybe that's a Missouri thing because I love bluegrass... probably because it reminds me of going to Silver Dollar City when I was a kid!

  2. Oh my goodness Kait, I was totally going to write that too but I figured noone had heard of SDC! Don't you still just LOVE going?

  3. Yes! I haven't been in a while, but the fiance and I have put it on the list of things we HAVE to do this summer.