What's Making Me Happy

Another week is past and it's on to the weekend!! I'm especially excited to (continue to) celebrate Miss Emilie's birthday with a little hootenanny downtown tomorrow, her first weekend as a 21 year old!  I promise that we won't let her get too out of control Marcia.  In other happy news, I have finally experienced the ultimate New England sport of candle pin bowling... it was so much fun!  I won't tell you that I did very well, (I'm nearly positive my high score was 43) nevertheless, it was a good time.  You can read more about our experience over at Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, & Thyme, as well as see Emilie's review of flatbreads, (the restaurant attached to the bowling alley.)  It was AMAZING!!   Anyhoo, here are some of the happy things I've found this week, hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

*This is how I make all of my food decisions...
Image via: Stumbleupon

*This video from The Girl With Glasses Show is too cute.

*I can't wait to try out Avis' DIY screen printing... I have so many ideas and so many embroidery hoops!
Photo via: Avis Designs

*For all of my fellow Walking Dead fans, buzzfeed did an awesome round up of some of the best memes this season.
Image via: Buzzfeed

*European astronaut Andre Kuipers' flicker stream of photos from space is BEAUTIFUL.  The pieces of earth and space he captures are simply breathtaking.
Images via: Andre Kuipers

*I'm obsessed and so jealous of Jenny's vintage radio collection!  I think this might have to happen in my home...
Image via: Frecklewonder
*I'm not sure if I've talked about dazeychic's pretty prints before, but I'm smitten with them, especially this one...
Image via: dazeychic

* I am totally obsessed with this.  I would like to do it immediately.  PLEASE?

* I've been loving receiving daily emails from 31 Days of Adventure... it completely helps me to rethink my daily tasks.

*I totally love Carmen over at Cheeky Cheeky's sense of humor, her post My Brain On A Diet was SO funny! (And SO true.)

* You all know how much I love NPR's Pop Culture Happy Hour, especially Glen Weldon.  This week Glen tweeted his recreation of the Hunger Games at work.... too funny!!!

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