What's Making Me Happy

What a week! Trip home, new tattoo, and working a little bit too...now I've got a visitor, Kaston's birthday and St. Patrick's Day all together this weekend!  So much fun to have!  Here are a couple of the things that are making me happy this week, what are some of yours?

*  If you can see them, the skies are supposed to be amazing this month!  Venus and Jupiter are in conjunction in the western skies after sunset... it should be beautiful! Check it out!
Photo via: NPR
 *I've been really missing having plants in my home and I'm loving this succulent terrarium DIY from Cam.  I'm totally going to make my own!
Photo via: Campfire Chic
 *This commercial is just sooo fun.  I love the light brite looking wall made out of method bottles!

*I'm dying over the hipster branding tumblr... especially this KFC one.  Thanks to Christian Gideon for this little piece of magic...
Image via: Hipster Branding
  *  I read the most interesting article about the artist Skrillex in this month's Rolling Stone, so I tried to listen to some of his stuff.... Wow.  I won't lie, I'm not sure if I understand the whole dubstep thing at all, different strokes for different folks I guess!  Anyhoo, this image really summed up my thoughts!
Image via: Buzzfeed

* I've been pretty much obsessed with listening to this song (really this album,) ever since Eric & my epic car dance party on the way to Vermont last month.  I'm not sure what I love more, the amazing dance beat or the image of Eric learning the dance.  PRICELESS.

*I need this dress.  It's ridiculously expensive, but I have this entire image of myself with this dress now.  Maybe it'll go on sale soon?!? Please shopping gods, please.
Photo via: Modcloth

*Do you hate me for all of my tumblr love?  Because I can't stop. Especially when there are hilarious sites like this one... Lucille & Mitt.  (Mitt Romney quotes attached to Lucille Bluth screenshots. Magic.)
Photo via: Lucille & Mitt
*What Should We Call Me has some of the funniest .gifs.  Like this one.

 *Lemon cake may just be my favorite cake, and this one looks SCRUMPTIOUS.  Black tea frosting?! YUM.
Image via: Honey & Jam

*Obsessed with the hunger games?  Me too.  Well now you can find your own hunger game name at Hunger Names!  Mine's Lavendar Labradeen, I was a tribute from District 8 in the 52nd Hunger Games and I was killed with an arrow in the lung.  Ouch.

* I'm kinda obsessed with this blog.  Greatest name ever.

*Obama loves you back.  Every time. 

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  1. Dear Fearsy,

    I would just like to say, you cannot base your opinion on dubstep off of Skrillex. I've nicknamed it Shrillex, because it's just...all bad. Too much going on at once and what not.

    That lemon cake looks amazing.

    My Hunger Games name is Portia Hoverhound. I had the honor of being a District 9 tribute in the 53rd Hunger Games and I was killed by the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.

    I really want to read those books, and then see the movie, but I don't know anyone who has it and since it's so popular right now, the library will never have it!