What's Making Me Happy

I'm laying here in my bed watching the snowflakes drift by my window (I'm so over snow in every instance except this one,) and I can't even tell y'all how happy I am that it's the weekend!  (Well in a few short hours it will be...i digress.) I feel like I often start off my weekend with all sorts of plans for craft projects, photo shoots, and fun outings but really end up sleeping in really late and watching hours of Friday Night Lights (Tim Riggins has my heart in a serious way right now,) until I realize that it's Sunday night.  Oops! Well I'm here to vow that I've got some exciting plans set up for this weekend and I'm forcing myself into some serious productivity before I go on my mini-vaca next weekend.  Then off to Missouri to see my wonderful family... I'm SO excited!  Anyway, here are a few of the pretty amazing things that are making me happy this week... what are yours?

* These pretty prints from the wheatfield are so lovely
Prints via: the Wheatfield

*Sad to find out that this series of museum advertisements aren't real Smithsonian ad's because they're AWESOME
Image via: Matt Kapler
 *The blog you are my fave may be my new... fave.  (Apt.) I'm loving her in a box series especially this wonderful Paris in a Box gift idea.

*There is literally no one cooler than this Darth Vader... i repeat, NO ONE

*This website is literally going to be the death of me...and my productivity.  I'm in a awwwdorable puddle on the floor right now.  (If Celine Dion was playing in the background I would literally die of shear sobbing happiness.) 
Image via: Attack of the Cute
*What would WMMH be without the Ron Swanson favorite of the day...today? Ron Swanson vs. Food.

*I've NEVER been a girl who is really into heels (with my bad ankles and general lack of balance I really need to stick close to the ground,) but I am SWOONING over these Seychelles wedges.  I've heard that wedges are more comfortable than heels, so I may have to take a chance...
Image via: Seychelles
 *Truer words were never spoken....
Photo via: girlfromparis
*This video is pretty fantastic...

* This article on how to date a muggle is pretty hilarious. 


  1. omg that pug picture is killing me...i want one ;)

  2. I love those pet pictures and those shoes?.... Swoon!!! I can't wait until I can wear girly shoes again!

  3. 1. Tim Riggins. Swoon.
    2. Wheatfield pictures. Beautiful.
    2. Anemaaaaaaaals. Adorable.