Tattoosday: Pino Bros, Boston, MA

 I can't tell y'all how happy I am with my new tattoo!  It's still in the healing (a.k.a. not very pretty/peeling stage,) but I can already tell that it's exactly what I wanted!  (On a side note, it's amazing how much people touch your shoulder during a day...ouch!)  I was so impressed with my experience at Pino Bros. and with Jamie that I wanted to do a shameless plug for their shop and all of the amazing artists that work there.  I chose a few of my favorite tattoos done at Pino to show you all their amazing talent and range, if you're in the Boston area this is THE place to get new ink done.  They're friendly, funny, and willing to work to create the perfect piece for you.  And if you need someone to come hold your hand, I'm your girl!  (My wonderful friend Lauren sat with me for all 4 hours!) (They also do piercing and the piercer was a riot while I was getting mine done!)  Give these guys (and girl!) a call the second you get an inkling for some new ink!

**Note: All images are c/o Pino Bros**
*Just wanted to brag on Jamie, (the guy who did my tattoo and who'll be doing Lauren's).  He's wonderful!  I'm completely jealous of whoever owns this tattoo, it's the prettiest stained glass tattoo I've seen!
* Two of my favorites from Bob.  I'm in love with the book theme of this sleeve it's so dark and pretty!!

* Most of the photos I've seen of Deirdre's tattoos are so unique, I'm amazed by her technique.  It looks almost like a painting instead of a tattoo!

*Pino's newest apprentice Ken has such a sense of humor in his tattoos, this party horse just makes me smile. 
 *The level of detail and artistry in Kurt's tattoos is UNREAL.  And I love deer tattoos.  (Jonah, this is your hint.  Go Blake Shelton. :)

Thank you Pino Bros. for the wonderful experience and completely AWESOME tattoo!  I can't wait to see you all again soon!

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