Tattoosday: feather tattoos

I've had a request from Miss Lauren Farrell to do a post on feather tattoos for inspiration for her upcoming tat and let me tell you, I had no idea how many pretty feathers there are out there!  Here are a few of the lovely ladies and their tattoos that I've found this week, (surprisingly no men...hmm) I hope you enjoy!  (Also, if there is a type of tattoo you'd like me to feature PLEASE let me know!  I love seeking out new things!)

*Lauren, this is my new favorite feather EVER, it's beautiful! Food for thought...
Photo via:Ashley Eaton
*I came across quite a few of these behind the ear and though I think they must be SOOO painful, they're so pretty when you see them peeking out!
Photo via: Natalie Nati

* I love that this tattoo looks like it's just floating down her back...
Photo via: ladyofflowers

* This is probably the tattoo I have seen the most (and the one I think Lauren is wanting to get,) but I think this is probably one of the best ones I've seen!
Photo via: pinterest
 * Another floating feather, I'm loving it on the shoulder!
Photo via: letsbeinfinite
 *  I wish I had a beautifully prominent collarbone b/c I think collarbone tattoos are just lovely! 
Photo via: Happiness Must Come From Within
 * I'm kinda obsessed with the whole exposed back thing in dresses and I think this tattoo is just too pretty.  (Not to mention just a plain lovely photo!)
Photo via: Atomic Turquiose

*  I was kind of shocked to see that almost NONE of the feather tattoos I found were in color, but I'm always a fan of a good peacock feather and I'm loving that it's colorful and airy at the same time
Photo via: fyeahtattoos

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  1. ahhhhhhhh!! Thanks Ash! SO MANY IDEAS!! Now I am even more excited to get my feather tattoo ;)