Monthly Mixtape: A Case of the Mondays

You know those days when you wake up and you have to do everything in your willpower to not roll back under the covers and ignore your alarm?  Mondays are those days for me.  It's not that anything particularly bad happens on Mondays, but lately I've been feeling like my weekends go by so quickly that I haven't even caught up with everything before the next day begins! I won't lie, I'm not much of a morning person to begin with (I need a good 30 min of not speaking to anyone before I'm not a total ogre...just ask my friends or family.) So, for mornings like these, (a.k.a. pretty much every morning for me, let's be honest)  I have a pretty extra special playlist that I have to play as I get ready to pump me up for the day . Seriously, anything that can cause me to dance and sing into the mirror at 7 am deserves some recognition :)  This weekend was full of fun and far too much frivoloty (St. Patricks Day in Boston is essentially a three day party, which is evident by the amount of green glitter on my front stoop) and I won't lie, I'm not quite ready to start the week!  If you're having similar angry feelings towards your alarm clock as I am, this playlist is for you!  Hope you enjoy.

What are some songs that pump you up to face the day?
  Spring has Sprung by Ashley Fears on Grooveshark

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