For the love of... dinos

So I have to tell you guys about this dream I had the other night.  Possibly the greatest dream ever. In this dream, I had a baby T-Rex.  Like a tiny waist high pet T-Rex that I would cuddle and love, and carry around in one of those baby-Bjorn knapsacks.  My T-Rex would love me, and adorably lick my cheek, and snuggle with Monty like those baby puppy you tube videos.  All of my friends were like, "Ashley, you need to take him to a zoo, he's a T-Rex and eventually he'll get bigger and try to eat you..." But I knew better.  (Hello, greatest guard-dog EVER?!?) Then I woke up, saddened by my lack of Tiny the T-Rex.

So what's the point of all this you ask?  Well, I kinda love dinosaurs.  Ever since I was a kid and my mom would teach the dinosaur unit during summer school, I've been totally fascinated by them.  (The brontosaurus and T-Rex are my favorites...naturally!)  Now as an adult, I'm still watching Jurassic Park at least once a month (and sometimes even a little land before time... memories!)  and am totally addicted to buying cute little dino things when I come across them!  Here are a few of my favorites lately!

*This poster from Yellow Heart Art is just sooo cute!
 *I'm kinda obsessed with these dinosaur magnets, I'm wondering if they could be made into coat and bag hooks as well?  They'd be so cute in a kids room.
 * Okay this is the coolest.  In East Germany there is a sort of dinosaur graveyard at the now abandoned amusement park, Kulturpark Plänterwald.  These pictures of the park littered with the "bones" of the dinosaurs are sadly beautiful. 
 *Isn't this tea rex infuser from Modcloth the sweetest thing you've ever seen?
 * Okay, I need this dino mini dress RIGHT NOW.  I'm completely obsessed with minis, and the print?? Swoon.
 *A bicycle built for his tiny T-Rex arms.... so sweet.  From Dark Cycle Clothing
 *T-Rex can't leave the house without his matching satchel....  From Linocutboy.


  1. ahhh I love all those Dino things :) That mini dress is to DIE FOR!

  2. I LOVE dinosaurs!!! i make cute dino necklaces and have a terrarium that i put little dinos in.. its the best ever! :P xkim

  3. More things we have in common!
    Dinos are awesome. My favorite type of dinosaurs are the dinosaurs that Little Foot is in the land before time.
    andddd I'm obsessed with the word Rawr. it just sounds so cool.