Belated Tattoosday.... my new tat!

I know, I know I didn't do a tattoosday post this week... I was at home, unplugged, blah, blah, blah... but I promised I would make it up to you right?!  Well I always keep my promises!  I've mentioned in other blog posts about being so ready for a new tattoo but just waiting to gather the scratch to pay for it (b/c lets be honest, tattoos are EXPENSIVE y'all!) Well the time finally came (with a little help from my tax return...thanks government.... and I couldn't be happier!!

I've been doing my research for a while now to find a STELLAR tattooist, (er?) and I found him in the wonderful Jamie Clinton over at Pino Bros. Ink in Cambridge.  When I went in weeks ago for my consultation saying I wanted a crafty tattoo that combined all of my love for sewing and knitting and buttons and such Jamie was ON IT.  You know how sometimes when you go into a tattoo parlor and the douchebaggery just smacks you in the face?  Totally not the case here.  I explained to Jamie what I wanted and showed him probably a hundred photos of things I liked and then told him to be creative with the vision and surprise me, (because really, nearly always the artist knows how to create what you want better than even you do!) and boy did he!  It's exactly what I wanted, it's bright and pretty, and fun... I just can't get enough of it.  Armed with a Diet Pepsi, Lauren Farrell, and Emilie Bell I braved it through the session with only minor grimaces.  (Like they all say, it's a pain you forget.)

After nearly 4 (4!?!) hours in the chair I finally have my newest tattoo, and let me tell you it's a BEAUTY.  Everyone in the shop was so nice and kept coming in to check out the work, cracking jokes, and basically being awesome...the time just flew by!  I love my new art!  It makes me so excited that spring is nearly here and I have the opportunity to show this baby off.  Check out a few of the process photos and the final result (thanks to Lauren for taking pictures!!) 

I've shown you mine, now you show me yours!! What is your next ink going to be?

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