What's Making Me Happy

As you all know, Fridays' always make me incredibly happy, but today is making me EXTRA SUPER DUPER happy.  Why you ask? I'll tell you why.

Exactly 24 years ago I was blessed with a little sea monkey of a brother, Jonah (or as many of you knew him as...Noah. I'm talking to you Kristin.)  At the tender age of three, I wasn't entire aware of the awesomeness that was entering my life, but let me tell you, this kid is the shiz.  Not only can he kill a bear with his bare hands, drive anything with wheels, and quote all of the best movies... but he's pretty much one of my best friends. (And he's single ladies...your very own mountain man!)  Today he's celebrating his own liberation from Becky's womb and I want to wish him an extra special HAPPY BIRTHDAY.  It makes me so sad that I can't be there for your birthday brother bear, but I love you more than corn dogs. And you know that's a lot. 
This also made me realize that we are in serious need of some updated photos.
 In other happy news, there's a lot of really fun stuff on the Internet this week, here are a few of my favorites...

*Oh my goodness...check out this hilarious coloring book
Images via: Sad and Useless
 *These pretty prints from Block Party on Etsy.
Images via: Block Party
* Remember my lovely lady friend Miss Eva Walsh?  (She's the one who did the AMAZING Office cover for me!)  Well she is making an album. And it's going to be awesome.  AND she's trying to raise some cash to make said album.  You can see her ridiculously adorable video explaining how here... but for now, just watch this video.  She's so amazing right?

*You know my motto, there is never too much Ron Swanson...
Image via: Red Bubble
*This pretty picture makes me swoon
Image via: Sevenstar

*It's official. I'm obsessed with tumblr memes.  And this may be the best one EVER. "Clear Eyes, Full Parks, Can't Lose!"  Yup. It's Friday Night Lights AND Parks and Rec.  You're welcome.
Image via: Clear Eyes, Full Parks, Can't Lose!
*Adele being the classy lady she is.
Photo via: Buzzfeed
*Who else is so excited about the return of The Walking Dead??? This video made by a fan from the original graphic novel would be an EPIC intro! (And I love the Eels.)

*Harry Potter in 60 second... spoiler alert. It's pretty funny.

*These rings from nOir jewelry are to DIE for...
Image via: nOir Jewelry

*You know how I love a good photo challenge, but hate self portraits...hopefully this self-portrait challenge from Chelsey will help!

*I love this "We All Grow Up" post from Just Lovely Things...

*I'm obsessed with Amy's Month of Self Love.  So important to remember.

*miss james had the MOST beautiful wedding ever.  You can check it out here and here.  Swoon.

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