What's Making Me Happy

FRIIIIDAY!!! It's been such a busy week so far, I'm so looking forward to just hanging out with friends and being home this weekend.  I went a bit Internet crazy this week, so there are SO MANY things that are making me happy, I hope they bring a smile to your face as well!

*I'm a sucker for puppies, videos of puppies, stuffed puppies... you get the drift.  This video of bulldog puppies learning to walk (and squeak!) is the cutest thing ever. EVER.

*Speaking of puppies, aren't these stuffed pugs adorable?
Photo via: Etsy

*I've got a bit of an obsession with calendars and datebooks, so Kyla's DIY weekly planner has me so excited!
Photo via: Kyla Roma
*I think I post something from Meredith every week, but just look at this heart patch DIY. Helloooo Valentines Day sweater.
Photo via: One Sheepish Girl
 *Someone must have been watching me eat because I do all of these.
Image via: Pleated jeans

*I love when art is incorporated into music videos, and I love this song.

*Can one of the men in my life please create this bookshelf for me?!?
Photo via: Etsy
 *These Valentines pencils are so sweet.
Photo via: BHLDN
*Not only are they pretty, but these cupcakes look delicious... Emilie, I'm talking to you.
Photo via: Cupcake Blog
* Business cards always seem so boring, but I would love to have some like these...
Photo via: Creature Comforts
 *Who knew Dawson is funny? (And attractive...just saying) I mean really funny.  I smell a comeback...
Via: Van Der Memes

*This house tour of Abigail Ahern's home makes me swoon...
Photo via: The Selby

*Did anyone else see Kristin Bell on Ellen when she literally freaks out about sloths?  If I didn't already think she was adorable, I would now.  Too funny.

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