Tattoosday: Finger tats

As many of you know, I'm sort of obsessed with mustaches.  So much that I have seriously been considering getting a mustache finger tat for years....but I haven't had the balls to actually get it.  I'm just about to go in for my next big tat in a couple of weeks...maybe I'll have to get a little finger addition?!  While I'm pondering that, take a look at these super fun finger tattoos, you'll be wanting one too!

*If it wasn't a mustache I'd DEFINITELY get these...
Photo via: Tattoos by Speck
*This couple's tattoo is really adorable.
Photo via: lovedart
Photo via: a lamour
Photo via: Jessica Walsh Photography
*Show me your teeth...
Photo via: f yeah girly tattoos
*Lauren, this is a pretty cute feather for you!
Photo via: We Heart it
*For the photographer...
Photo via: White Bleeding Heart

*Bobby pin... yes please
Photo via: Tattoos by Speck

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