Galusha Hills Farm and Burlington, VT

Hiya friends,
Miss me?  Sorry about the delayed posting this week, but I just returned to Boston from the most wonderful little vacation!  I had the opportunity to spend a wonderful Presidents Day weekend with a dear friend in the most beautiful place... I'm gushing.  But it was just so fun!!
 I can't tell you all how excited I was when my friend Eric called a few weeks back to see if I would like to join him on a little Vermont adventure and let me tell you, it was all I expected and so much more!  On Saturday Eric and I loaded into our little Chevy Cruz (yup, ballers) for some serious driving and some more serious car dancing... (see below...)

 and arrived at the lovely Galusha Farm in Topsham, VT approximately 325 sing-alongs, 2 diet pepsis, and one creepy truck stop later.  If you have a second make sure to check out John's wonderful blog about the farm, it's honestly one of the coolest places I've ever been!  We spent the next couple of days snowshoeing (yes, I fell down numerous times,) exploring the property, playing with the pups and baby lambs, (YES! LAMBS!)  and sharing great food and even better conversation.  I made some wonderful new friends that I can't wait to visit again!
Stone Walls dating back to the Revoloutionary cool!
I'm somewhere behind them face down in the snow...
My nemesis...
Oh my lord, precious right?
Literally the only picture of me I took...drat

We spent the last two days of our mini vaca in Burlington, VT for Eric's med school interviews, where we did a little shopping, (I got the cutest little vintage dress and accidentally bought two left boots...thanks UO for letting me exchange them for the right ones,) and a lot of wandering.  I won't lie it was FREEZING, but there were some really beautiful views of the mountains and some truly lovely people.  Perhaps another trip in the summer will be necessary? 
Such a beautiful view! (Yes Eric, you too :)
Shopping along Church St

Old Gold, such a fun vintage shop!
I love how the ice looks like broken glass...and it made the loveliest tinkling noise!

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