Year in Review

 Looking back over 2011, I can't believe all of the wonderful things that have happened, experiences, and people who have come into my life.  I received my Masters degree, met a wonderful new best friend and fellow Midwesterner, moved into a great new apartment in an exciting neighborhood, and met one of my long term goals of starting my own blog!  It's been such a great year and I can't wait to see what 2012 has in store.   

I've never really not a big fan of resolutions in the traditional sense.  Most of the time resolving to lose ten pounds or to stop eating chocolate always seems to lead to me sneaking taco bell or binge eating a box of chocolate after Valentines Day and too many romantic comedies.  That being said, I love looking forward to a new year and creating new achievable goals.  Here are a just a few of my goals for 2012...

1.Continue growing my blog and writing about the things I love and build confidence through it. 

2.Take more risks and try new things without letting fear, especially fear of failure, get in the way.

3.Take time for myself without apology.

4.Do something creative EVERY day no matter how big or small.

5. Make new friends who share my interests (through blogging and life in Boston,) and work to maintain the wonderful friends I have now!

In addition to these overall goals, I've been very inspired by goal lists from other bloggers like Elsie and Elizabeth for the year.  I've been working on my own more specific goal list which I'll tell you all about on my birthday... 2012 is going to be a wonderful year!  What are some of your goals for 2012?

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