What's Making Me Happy

Good morning friends! Here's hoping that your weeks are all going well! I've had a lovely little week spending lots of time with Em now that she's back from home, (she made me the most amazing Chicken Marsala this week, you should totally try out this recipe,) starting a new work out routine (pilates + yoga= Ashley who can't move today,) and working my tail off with the beginning of BU's Spring semester.  It's been crazy! I'm so excited that it's Friday, tonight My Politic has a show at Out of the Blue, (which will be amazing I know,) I have some fantastic crafting ideas to mess around with, and I'm hoping to do a little thrifting as well. So fun! Anyhoo,here are a few little lovelies that are making me very happy this week!

*I'm kind of obsessed with the pretty Valentines Day cards from Rifle Paper Co. (And they have some ahhhmazing prints too!)
Photo Via: Rifle Paper Co

*The new VW commercial combines two of my favorite things, Star Wars and dogs. Love it.

*Obviously, I love organs.
Image Via: ilovedoodle

* I LOVE this wedding photo. Check out Arrow & Apple to see more of this ahhhdorable wedding.
Photo via: Arrow & Apple

*OMG. I'm pretty obsessed with this glimpse into Anna's moleskin... it's giving me so many ideas for my art journal!
Photo Via: Anna Rusakova
* This is probably the best advice ever. By Chris Piascik.
Image via: Fancy
 *I definitely want to try this Valentines decoration DIY
Photo via: Everything Fabulous
*I love this pop of color on the fireplace...Decor8 has some great posts!
Photo via: Decor8

*So I've officially linked to so much Ron Swanson stuff and watched so much Parks and Rec that I've started having dreams about him. (and his mustache.)  I know i've shared this before, but now there's an entire website dedicated to Drunk Ron Swanson.  Click on it. I'm just leaving it up all day.

*I'm so inspired by these posts by Elizabeth and Kaelah on Individuality and being yourself.  Must reads!


  1. i've seen those cards floating all around the blogsphere and i looooooooove them! So adorable!!

  2. Aren't they just the cutest? They have wonderful prints (and even coasters :) I just popped over to your lovely blog, it's beautiful! So nice to meet you!