Tattoosday: Food Tattoos

So, I have to start this post off by telling you all about the most awesome restaurant that I went to with Emilie and Kaston this weekend.  I've mentioned before that I looove Top Chef on Bravo so naturally, I was so excited to visit contestant Tiffani Faison's new restaurant, Sweet Cheeks.  Now I'll be completely upfront in saying, I'm something of a BBQ, especially brisket, snob.  I come from the land of man's meat weekends courtesy of my dad, Big Al, so I've been a little disappointed with the Yankee way of  BBQ that I see in this area. While I had reservations about this meal, but let me tell you, I was blown away.  It was SO GOOD.  I had a chopped brisket sandwich with this yummy broccoli cheese casserole & Emilie and Kaston both had the pulled pork, mac and cheese, and salad... perfect, PERFECT Texas BBQ. It was juicy & tender with amazing BBQ sauce on the side, (as all Texas BBQ should be served.) I could go on and on. 

With that in mind, I wanted to focus on some fun food tattoos that I've been finding lately, there are so many cute ones! 
1) I love the Q that looks like a pigs tail 2) Emile being cute, Kaston trying to get every last drop of the BBQ sauce in his belly 3) salt and pepper potatoes 4) I'm a firm believer that all things should be drunk in mason jars, 5) My brisket sandwich, (which turned into my dinner salad topping...soo much food!) 6) Another look at this cute little eatery.

*I know that the butcher shop pig is pretty common now in food tattoos, but I just love it, (just as I'm beginning to try p.o.r.k.  Except bacon. Still hate bacon.)
Photo via:ChefMattRock
 *Emma from Food Coma has such a cute Red Velvet tattoo of a vintage mixer.
Photo via: Food Coma

*Okay, so I probably won't be getting a taco tattoo any time soon, but I loooooove me some tacos.  LOOOOVE.
Photo Via: jovino

*This teapot tattoo is so pretty...
Photo via: Dirty Laundry Photography

*I love owls and I love cupcakes....
Photo via: Art of Vintage Karma

* Couldn't do just one cupcake...this one is too cute to not share.
Photo via: Mezdeathhead

* This is just beautiful...
Photo Via: butterfat

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  1. oh great tattoosday topic! I love them all! Plus Im super excited to check out sweet cheeks now!!