Tattoosday: Feeling Foxy

I know, I know, I've been slacking on Tattoosday... I was having so much fun at home it sort of slipped my mind... Nevertheless, I promise this week will totally make up for it! 

A few weeks ago I posted the cutest fox tattoo and since then I've been really tempted to get one myself! While looking on Pinterest I've been finding the cutest tattoos with foxes...seems like everyone had the same thoughts I did!  So this week, enjoy a few of my favorite foxy tattoos on the internets! 

*I love it when people maintain a theme with their tattoos and I just can't get over how lovely this one is!  
Photo Via: Brian Thomas Wilson
*This little guy is too cute!
Photo Via: tumblr
*Lovely tattoos and love quote...
Photo Via: Fyeahtattoos
*I love this one, doesn't it look like an illustration from a children's book?
Photo Via: flickr
*I love the watercolor effect on this one...
Photo Via: Fyeahtattoos

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  1. The one that looks like it's from a children's book, it IS!! It's called 'What Game Shall We Play?' I go to school with Amber Esner, who sent you mail, and this book was one of the first when I was a child, where the illustrations really stuck out to me and changed the whole experience of the book. I'm so glad someone tattooed this, and that you posted it!