Tattoosday: Art Inspirations

I'm planning on taking a little trip over to Boston's Museum of Fine Arts in the next week to check out the new wing, (the last time Lauren and I went we saw the new wing of the Americas and the Chiculy exhibit, it was amazing!)  Lately I've been finding all sorts of tattoos inspired by both famous art and artists as well as some wonderful contemporary artists I love. 

*I recently learned of Kara Walker's work and really love it.  What a wonderful daily reminder of the choices we make at the crossroads in our life.  (Brandon, I told you I'd look for you!) 

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*Shepard Fairey has been in the public eye a lot over the past few years regarding both his HOPE posters for President Obama's presidential campaign as well as for the Time Magazine person of the year cover, (the Protester,) which are both wonderful, but I love how simple and pretty this tattoo inspired by his work is.
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*So I know, everyone and their dog loves Van Gogh's Starry Nights and Monet's water lillies, but as a tattoos? Amazing.  I love how colorful and detailed they are!
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*Picasso's Peace Dove
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*I've been blown away by the Tel Aviv street artist Know Hope for a while now, and am now completely in love with the tattoos representing his main 'character' in his street art. And the birds...oh the birds.  They're like little birdy paper airplanes. 
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*And speaking of blown away, aren't these David Hale tattoos amazing?  David is an actual tattoo artist, but also sells paintings and prints and all sorts of beautiful contemporary pieces.  I LOVE the fox. 
Photo via: David Hale

*Peter Aurisch's another artist/tattooist...his work looks like pieces of a dream...
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  1. They are all lovely but those last ones are MIND BLOWING.

  2. I LOVE the elepahtn tattoo haha! How interesting is that to have on your arm!!

    I also like the Picasso's peace dove tattoo, I think its sweet and subtle and everything I believe a tattoo should be! :)