Monthly Mixtape: January Jams

 Are you all the type of people who create playlists according to mood?  For me, I have playlists for every occasion, everything from morning wake up jams to rainy moods and everything in between.  Lately it's been getting colder and colder here in Boston, (we've been having seriously unseasonably warm weather,) and even our first couple of threats of snow!  I'm probably crazy to be wishing for snow after last year's Snowmageddon, (over 120 inches!) but I've been really wanting to wake up one morning and see my cute little neighborhood blanketed in snow. (Remember my North End snow day last year?  Emilie, Kaston, Nick, and I...and Monty of course, had the best time tromping around the neighborhood in our snow boots like kids.)  Lately I've taken to curling up early in bed with a good book, (or a smutty romance novel...I have a weakness...) while listening to music, wistfully staring out my window for the sign of a few flurries... but no luck yet.  Tonight Monty and I are all snuggled up in bed with a cup of tea, (I'm feeling a little sickly...) listening to what has become my January "wishing for snow" evening playlist and I figured I'd share it with you all.  When I listen to it I can almost see the snow falling to the sound of the music...

January Jams by Ashley Fears on Grooveshark

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