Lovely Shopping in Springfield Mo

One of my favorite things to do when I go back home is the mother daughter shopping trips that I get to take with the lovely Becky Fears, (Mama Fears to me.)  As a general rule we end up making fun of each other in the dressing room and saying inappropriate things that I'm sure have the sales ladies shaking their heads, i.e. me naming my pooch Esther and speaking for her as I try on ill-fitting pants....(too much information?) Anyhoo, we have so much fun together and really, who doesn't love shopping?

My favorite meal from Spring Creek, so yummy!
While I was home for the holiday, we had a couple of really fun shopping days, the first of which I'll refer to as my vintage-gasm.  We visited some of my favorite Ozark Antiques stores like Spring Creek Tea room and Antiques, (also my favorite place to eat in the WORLD and where I fell in looove with a vintage Polaroid land camera...sigh) and The Avant Garde'n, owned by Emilie's wonderful mother.

 We also stopped by the lovely Funtiques on Commercial Street (They literally have some of the BEST mid-century modern stuff around,) and took a trip to Vintage Vice, where Mama exclaimed that her entire closet from the 70's inhabited and she binge-shopped for boot socks. (Boot socks were definitely the item of the week for us.) Finally, we dropped by what is probably my favorite kitchy shop on Walnut Street, Good Girl Art.  It's always filled to the brim with wonderful and quirky items from art to clothing to the slightly obscene.  I LOVE it!
Little pieces of Good Girl, the naughty embroidery just cracks me up!
 The last shopping trip of the week was really special to me, Elsie and Emma's lovely little Red Velvet Shoppe.  I've been dying to visit ever since I started reading their blogs and it was everything I'd hoped it would be!  The venue itself and I have a long history, going back to when I would browse the racks of Nellie Dunn's (also a vintage shop, and where I got my favorite 50's pleated skirt that I still wear today!)
Though I didn't make it in time to meet Elsie and Emma, I did have the opportunity to meet the LOVELY Kinsey who was busily making lace garlands and paper flowers, (and I'm sure giggling at me as I was mourning having to try clothes on with a monster hangover... I needed a Diet Pepsi BAD.)  She has some seriously fierce personal style and the best messy bun ever. (There's nothing like a well done top knot :)  Anyhoo, I could go on FOREVER about how much I loved the shop, but instead I'll just share some of the photos I took and say that the visit was truly inspiring to a lady who would love nothing more than to come back to Springvegas and open up a little craft shop.


 I walked out with two lovely vintage dresses that I can't wait to wear and the cutest little charm bracelet with all of my favorite things on it!  I've still got my eye on the most adorable little stuffed sewing machines as well... hopefully they'll be there when I go home again, I already can't wait to return!

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  1. Wow! So jealous! I love A Beautiful Mess... :) You look adorable. Great finds!