26 in 27...A Goal List

With the new year officially "rung" in, I've been seeing a lot of bloggers posting their goal and resolution lists and have been so inspired by all of the ideas floating around.  One blogger specifically who is always really inspiring to me, Miss Elsie Larson (tired of hearing about her yet?) always posts her birthday goal list for the things she wants to accomplish throughout the next year.  It's always full of fun and crafty ideas and the list lover I am, I couldn't wait for my birthday to create my own list.  As a January baby, I've always kinda tied in my birthday with a new beginning every year and this seems like the perfect excuse to strike out and try new things!  Here's a little peek at my list...
1. Successfully open my Etsy Shop... This is going to be my year for selling my crafted goods... it's my top goal!
2. See as many concerts as possible... I LOVE living in a city where I can see so many of my favorite bands, I've already got tickets for the Black Keys in March, my favorite band!
3. Master Photoshop and web design.... Well maybe just get better at it.  As you all have probably seen, I'm slightly obsessed with improving my blog design, this is the year I want to learn CSS and coding, I'm even taking an online class.!
4. Learn to sew (well)... I have the basics of sewing pretty down, however I am not great at anything more difficult than pillows. I'm going to change that this year, hopefully start sewing some pretty things to wear!
5. Learn to crochet... I'm getting decent at knitting, but I love the idea of granny square everything... I'm going to start this crochet course from the lovely Dana at Craftyminx
6. Try my hand at watercolors... I've talked before about how much I love the show Work of Art, and this season there was one artist who did the most amazing drawings with pen and watercolor, she totally inspired me.  I've been an avid acrylic painter for years, but I want to broaden my horizons to other mediums this year.
7. Start a new collection...  I love collections.  I'm currently collecting vintage paint by number paintings and vintage cameras, but I want something new!  Suggestions?
8. Start a journal... I've always loved the idea of journaling, and though I tend to always carry around notebooks for ideas and lists, I've never been one to write down the personal stuff, but I'm going to try and change that this year.
9. Start doing outfit posts... This is actually one of the goals that gives me the most anxiety.  I'm not incredibly fond of taking photos of myself, but love fashion and other blogs who do these, so I'm trying to be more confident about it. 
10. Take as many New England road trips as possible... I am so fortunate to live in an area that is so close to so many amazing places and really want to see them all.  I've got Niagara Falls and Montreal on my list!
11. Get craftoo... I've been talking about this bad boy for forever and it's happening soon!  I'm scheduling my consultation apt this week, get excited!
12. Monty photo shoot... he's adorable, what else can be said?
13. Visit Minnesota... So I have some lovely friends from MN, who really adore their state.  I've been to Minn/St. Paul before in the dead of winter, and really want to experience this city they love so much in a less frigid climate. Summer trip???
14.  Create an art journal... Elsie has just created an e-course that I can't wait to try...
15. Create an inspirational craft area... Right now I do crafts in our living room, but I'm dreaming of a lovely little home where I can craft to my heart's content...
16. Have something published... pretty self explanatory.
17. Learn calligraphy... I love beautiful fonts and handwriting, but as you can see above, mine isn't the prettiest.
18. Meet my favorite bloggers... I have "met" many of my new blog friends via the Internet, but I'd love to get the opportunity to meet them face to face.  1 down, so many to go!
19. Learn to play the ukulele... Love the uke.
20. Show at a craft fair... Similar to the etsy goal, but I would love to show at SOWA this year too!
21. Do a month-long photo challenge w/friends... So I'm doing an instagram photo challenge now and am having so much fun, I want to do one with all of my lovely friends all over the US too!
22. Throw themed parties... I love themes in general.  Back home we used to have theme night all the time out on the town, (white trash night possibly being the most epic...) this year I want to bring those back!  First stop, Mad Men???
23. Have more New England beach days... Last summer we spent a couple of fantastic days on the beach, I want to have so many more this year! 
24. Go on a D.C. educational field trip like mom used to do... In my childhood my mother and her best friend dragged my brother and I to every random educational field trip on the planet...hey they're teachers, what do you expect?  Secretly I loved it, (except the Amana colonies, there's NOTHING to do in the Amana colonies...) This year, I really want to visit Washington DC again (preferably during the cherry blossoms,) and do all of the museums. 
25. Face ONE fear head on... I'm terrified of a lot. Clowns. Snakes. Heights. Spiders.Rats. That face Kaston makes where it looks like he has no teeth... This year I want to take on a fear and conquer it.
26. Read for fun again, 26 book goal for the year... After grad school, I sort of slacked on reading for fun because I was just sooo exhausted.  This year I want to read more than ever! 26 books is roughly a book a week, and I think I can totally do it. Send suggestions!

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