What's Making Me Happy

Oh goodness, I think winter has finally decided to show it's face  here in Boston, it's so chilly!  I always have a love/hate relationship with winter, I love the first couple of snows throughout the holiday season, but I'm definitely over it by January.  The good news is that cold weather gets me in the mood for two of my favorite things, crafting and decorating.  I won't lie to you all, I've already been bitten by the Christmas bug, and am busily getting together some fun Christmas decorating projects to post on the blog soon!  I've also been in a bit of an ebay bidding frenzy, I'm suddenly obsessed with vintage 50's tablecloths and Christmas records.  I can't wait to trim the tree to some festive music next weekend!  Anyhoo, enjoy just a few of these little treasures that are making me very, very, happy!  

* This entire ensemble & color palette is beautiful and springy.  And I love the bag!

Kate Spade ensemble 

 * This sentiment.  I need more of all of these.
* This movie trailer for the Hunger Games, if you haven't read the book run out and grab it! I'm sooo excited!

* This wonderful illustration (also featured on Her Library Adventures!)
truth.be.told papergoods
* This Dolly Parton print I just bought. I love it so much!
Kii Arens
* This pretty pretty picture, love how colorful it is!
Mimi Haddon

* This funny sign, I love the Wire too!
Happy Place
* This German man who is confused by American idioms.  He just looks so distraught by the end. Can't stop giggling.

* Lastly, What's making me happy is my lovely friend Lauren's birthday! We're going to a concert and a night on the town to celebrate tonight, I can't wait!  Happy Birthday boo! 

 Happy Friday to you all, have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. yay! I made it in your post! Thanks girl :) Love ya!