What's Making Me Happy

Hello again friends, happy Friday!  It's been such a beautiful fall week here in Boston, it's definitely one of the things that's making me incredibly happy this week!  (I'm not quite ready to bear the cold NE winter yet!)  I'm still busily crafting away and am getting ready to start on some new holiday projects that I can't wait to fill you in on!  For the time being, enjoy these lovely little things that are making me happy this week!

*To start off, I'm loving these illustrations from Nan Lawson on Etsy.  (Especially the mustache girl, it's like she drew me a portrait! Mom, this would make a wonderful little birthday gift...just saying :)
Nan Lawson
*This wonderful music video from artist Kinna Granis that was featured on Miss Eva's sound crush blog.  Can you believe that they're all jellybeans!  So creative!

*This seamstress bracelet, I don't care if there's a waiting list, I must have it!
Fancy French Cologne
*This carnival marquee DIY.  I've been wanting to buy those letters from Urban for so long, I'm so excited to make my own now!  Maybe even in cursive?
*This delightful little project from street artist Katie Sokoler.  She found rocks, painted them, and then took them back outside hiding them in little nooks to make people smile.  I just love it!  Her blog is just full of things to make you smile.
Color Me Katie
*This tumblr dedicated to the idea if GOB from Arrested Development were Steve Jobs.  I will literally love anything AD related. 
Steve GOBS
P.S. Thanks to everyone for all of the mustache art and decor, I'm loving it!  Keep it coming!


  1. Love the bracelet - just pinned it on Pinterest! :)

  2. Isn't it so great Tara? Maybe Todd will get you one for Christmas...hehe hint hint :)

  3. The ornament is from Pottery Barn and less than $10 - can't beat it! Love your blog by the way - can't believe it took me this long to find it!