Ten Things I love about Boston...SOWA Market

I don't know about y'all, but I love seasonal fairs and markets.  When I was living back in Springfield, we had two craft festivals, 'Art Fest' and 'Cider Days,' that were one weekend a year, and while they were a great time, they just didn't last long enough!  When I moved to Boston, I was thrilled to find that not only did they have a market, but it was EVERY weekend from late spring to fall.  SOWA Market, (short for South of Washington....these city people love their acronyms :) has easily become one of my favorite things about Boston. SOWA is considered Boston's original 'Art and Indie Design' Marker, but in reality they have SO much more.  Artisans selling their wares, nearly all of the food trucks in the city, a farmers market, AND a vintage market...there's really something for everyone!  Check out just a few of the fun photos that we have taken throughout the SOWA season below, and be sure to check out their web page here, you can get directions, follow them on facebook and twitter, and read their blog which connects you to the artists and farmers directly!  I already can't wait for next year!

Oh my goodness isn't this little bean the cutest?! I want one!
Miss Lucy Jane about to eat easily the largest hot dog I've ever seen
My lovely roomie Kara and her mom at their first booth in SOWA!
Just a few of the goodies we came across
Carsten with some epic vintage finds
And oh yes my friends, this skirt exists. Three words. Get. In. Line. 


  1. when can we go to SOWA again?! Don't say spring!

  2. We have to go to the Cabin fever winter SOWA, the last outdoor one was last week :(