Monthly Mixtape: Songs to Strut To

One of the things I love most about music is it's ability to really create a mood or a feeling that can last throughout the day.  In Boston, there's a whole lot of time spent walking to a fro, and most mornings heading out the door all bleary eyed and bushy-tailed I often need a little pick me up. During these times, I love to put on my "strut mix," the music that puts a little kick in my step.  (I like to imagine it's some awesome soundtrack playing behind me, silly I know, but true! ) I've been known to dance down the street so next time you see a girl just jamming and walking, it's likely me :)

This month's mixtape is made up of those songs that just make you happy, make you want to jam, and just make you want to strut.  Enjoy!

What songs make you want to strut your stuff?

Songs to Strut To by Ashley Fears on Grooveshark

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