For the love of...bicycles

Today is a sad day... Flo the bicycle is no longer.  Somehow in the confusion of cleaning the basement of my apartment building, my management company took it upon themselves to dispose of Flo, (because really, a bike hooked up to a bike rack looks like garbage.)

Flo and I met by chance, when I was scouring craigslist for a vintage Schwinn bicycle to act as my summer mode of transportation.  I was awestruck when I came across her, she was a 1976 Schwinn Varsity with ALL OF THE ORIGINAL ACCESSORIES.  I knew she would be mine. Though she more often than not acted as more of a decoration in my apartment, (hey, the streets of Boston are kind of terrifying for a biker,) we shared a lot of good times. So, it is with sadness in my heart that I dedicate this week's 'for the love of' post to my loyal steed, Flo.  You will be missed. 

Never wanting to dwell on sadness, I wanted to share with you some lovely bicycles and bicycle themed objects I've found on the Internets. (I tend to buy anything and everything with vintage bicycles on them!)  I hope you enjoy!  And's aren't trash.

1.  You all know I love vintage prints and typography and I just thought these were the cutest posters!  I want them all!
We love Typography, Visualize us, Feather, Stone, Moon & Bone
2. This video "A professional display of 50 no-handed bike moves."  I love the Def Leppard drummer, the lady shaver, and the laser eyes!

3. This knitted bicycle jumper...SO CUTE!
4.This fun and colorful wedding of Rebecca and Derek in LA.  I loved everything about it, they seemed to be having so much fun! 
Green Wedding Shoes
5.  Lastly, check out this little playlist full of songs that I love about bicycles, as well as songs to ride your bike to. 

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