What's Making Me Happy

I'm so excited for the weekend to be here!  This week seemed to drag by, which is how I always feel when I have fun things planned for the weekend.  Halloween is SO MUCH FUN!  I spent the entire night last night working on my costume and watching that nail-biting world series game...(woo hoo the Redbirds are going to game 7!)  On top of all that excitement, here's what's making me happy, halloween style.

  • These halloween pillow prints from My Paper Crane.  Check out her holiday decorating, it's soooo cute.  I may have to try a couple for next year!
  • These adorable pumpkin carving ideas.  
Owl Pumpkin, Nightmare Before Christmas Pumpkin, Death Star Pumpkin, Faux Bois Pumpkin

  •  This house all lit up for Halloween.  (I know everyone is posting this link but it's just so cool!)  
  •  This Halloween or Williamsburg tumblr.  So funny, so true. 
Nah, I'm just in a band.
  •  This Halloween bingo from Collegehumor.com
I can't wait to play!

Hope y'all all have a wonderful Halloween weekend!  Let me know what you're dressing up as (or if you win Halloween bingo!)   


  1. I'm probably going to be that girl dressed as a cat...

  2. I'm going as an Indian....wait, I am Indian.