Pretty much anything is better on a stick...and fried.

I had such a fun little weekend, I hope you all did too!  Like most of my weekends, I spent a lot of time planning on crafting and then having so many other fun things come up that it kinda got pushed to the back burner, but I'm working on a few projects that I can't wait to show you all.  Soon I promise!  

Other than my craft-crastination, I have to say that one of the highlights of my weekend was a little party that my wonderful friend Khalilah threw this past Saturday.  Khali is the queen of unique food parties and this was no different, a 'food on a stick' party!  As a county fair devotee since I was a child, one of my favorite foods on a stick is the corn dog and I won't even lie, I'm something of a connoisseur.  A hot dog covered in cornmeal goodness and smothered in mustard?  What's not to love?  I've become somewhat shocked to find that my friends and coworkers from the Northeast not only don't have fairs, (gasp!) but most of them have NEVER tried a corn dog!  When I learned this, I knew my mission was clear...corn dogs for all! 
Armed with ingredients and my new fry daddy, (my Mema would be so proud,) I trekked over to Emilie, Kaston, and Nick's apartment, where food just tastes better, and we set out to make some mini corn dogs.  Kaston had the genius idea to fry marshmallows dipped in chocolate, graham crackers, and then cornmeal and fried, resulting in the yummiest fried s'mores!  Well, after that genius move we got a little fry-crazy and  fried Emilie's famous pumpkin pie and cheesecake... we would have made Paula Deen proud. 
Fried S'more...couldn't make this up if I tried

The party was so much fun and there was some AMAZING food, (those gastronomy students know their stuff!)  I can't wait for the next one, maybe a taco fiesta?  Thanks to Khalilah for throwing such a fun party and to Emilie for standing by while I fried everything in her home! I'm definitely going to have to eat salads all week to make up for it, but it was SOO worth it!
Dog Fight
***If you're interested in frying up your own mini (or regular sized,) corn dogs, check out this recipe adapted from The Hillbilly Housewife.  I followed her excellent instructions to the T (except I substituted buttermilk for milk,) it was so good!  Feel free to browse her blog more, it's filled with yummy recipes!
 Lauren and I hammin' it up


  1. I love the washed out tone of your photos, someone's got a signature!! Corndogs for all!!!!

  2. Yeah buddy! I'm testing out the Totally Rad actions in photoshop, they're...totally rad.

  3. Hey Lady! I'm so glad to be able to keep up with you on here. it's so true to your personality... and OHHHH the corn dogs... never eaten one, oh the many midwesterny things we take for granted. I swoon over your friedy fried things!

  4. Emily, you havn't had a corndog?!? I order you to the fair my friend, you won't regret it! Thanks so much for reading!! Lets get the girls together this Christmas when I'm home!

  5. haha, this corndog party looks awesome!! i personally love 'em. :)