Gettin' picky: Apple Orchard Adventures

I love fall...really, I adore it.  You know that moment when you walk out the door one morning and the air is cool and you can literally just smell fall?  I get giddy.  In the Midwest, this change means football games, hayrides, bonfires, corn mazes, cozy sweaters and bearded men... what's not to love?  In New England, this means trips to Salem, haunted ghost tours, leaf gazing, picking. 

 When I first moved to Boston, I was ecstatic to experience a true New England fall foliage extravaganza, yet true to my luck we experienced what I lovingly refer to as 'rainmageddon.'  No beautiful leaves. No fall adventures. Just rain, rain, rain, and term papers.  Needless to say, my first New England fall did not live up to expectations.   What better way to make up for lost time than a trip to the orchard?

I'd never been to an apple orchard before, so I was super excited to enjoy the full experience, 'farm to table.'  Knowing that Emilie and Kaston are always up for an adventure, and being that we each had guests in town, we seized the opportunity, piled into Emilie's car, and set off for Smolak Farms in North Andover.  One short trip and many sing alongs later, we arrived to find the orchard, a little petting zoo full of adorable animals, and a gift shop with cider, toys, and the apparent pinnacle to an apple picking trip, cider doughnuts. 
(Unfortunately, I cannot partake in the doughnuts because of my cinnamon allergy, hence the caramel apple air of disappointment :) 

We had so much fun climbing trees to find the best apples, attempting to juggle, (don't apples just beg to be juggled?) and even sneaking a couple of bites...don't tell. 

And of course, Emilie created some delicious treats from our freshly picked apples, check out her post about making Apple Cobbler with Cheddar Biscuits.  The boys said they were amazing! (Damn you cinnamon allergy!!!) 


  1. Ahh yay! It's delightful. I'm so proud of you. And those pictures! My goodness! Whoever took them is AMAZING. Keep 'em coming. The posts that is.

  2. Awesome! bring camera to the food on a stick party!!!