For the love of...facial hair

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I love facial hair. Really. Love. It.  (I'm nearly certain that this the only post on the Internet that begins with that sentence.)  I've dedicated a large amount of time making art dedicated to the beard and mustache, & I'm constantly getting photos from friends who see something beardly or mustachioed and reminds them of me. 
Emilie took this pic on her trip to Ireland...mustaches everywhere!

As children of the 80's, we were inundated with different variations of the beard, from ZZ Top, to Tom Sellack, (by far the best mustache around,) and of course my favorite, the many variation's of my father's (Big Al) many mustaches. 

It's rare to find other friends who shares this love, which is why I immediately knew that I had found a kindred spirit in Miss Lauren Farrell.  The girl has a legit book dedicated to beards.  Lauren and I often attribute our love to our growing up in the Midwest (she's from the great state of Minnesota,) where flannel and beards prevail, hunting season begins, and with it comes my favorite month of the year... No-Shave-November!  So in light of the upcoming holiday season, I wanted to share some of my favorite beardly items on the Internets... Enjoy!  

 (Feel free to share your own favorites in the comment sections!)

1.'s "Shiver Me Timbers" beard maker and beard stickers...I can't stop giving everyone I know a beard.  (I'm sure Mr. B is getting tired of my doctored photos of him with a beard... subtle hints right? :)  
Playing around with fun!
 2. Concert Posters featuring some of my favorite artists with my favorite beards.  Plus their music melts my heart.  Bonus.  I want them all!
Ray Lamontagne, Sufjan Stevens, and Iron & Wine
 3. This barbershop themed birthday party.  I want the cake sooo bad!

4.'s feature with presidential beard-havers.  So funny!